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the future of AI, together

The benefits of AI
are evolving rapidly.

So are the challenges and risks. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has unlimited potential to benefit almost every aspect of our lives. However, without proper governance, there are just as many possible negative consequences. 

At Mind Tech Group (MTG), we help organizations leverage AI’s capabilities in a measured, responsible and effective way to mitigate risks and create a positive impact. 

Navigating the complex terrain of AI governance
with Mind Tech Group

With education, training and due diligence, boards and senior management can have the knowledge and tools necessary to manage the benefits and the pitfalls of AI. By staying informed, adopting responsible governance practices and deploying the technology in an ethical manner, your organization can unleash the power of AI. 


Our AI consulting services

Mind Tech Group understands the current state and evolving nature of AI governance to provide insights and recommendations to leverage the benefits of AI while managing the risks.  

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AI Governance Consulting

Looking to get started on overseeing AI or do you want to dive a little deeper? Our AI risk assessments / surveys and research provide a foundation to create an AI framework, which includes strategy / opportunity, policy and risk oversight where key issues such as ethics, bias, harm, cyber attacks and regulations are addressed. 

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AI Governance Training

Mind Tech Group provides AI governance training for Boards and Senior Management so they can properly oversee their organization’s use of AI.

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AI Oversight and Risk Management 

MTG will help you incorporate AI into an existing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach or create an ERM that includes AI risk identification, assessment, mitigation, monitoring, regulatory compliance and ethics. 

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AI Recruiting 

We can recruit the required AI talent for board directors, senior management and staff positions to enhance responsible oversight and increase productivity. 

AI growth strategy.png

AI Growth Strategy

Mind Tech Group will work with your sales team to recommend and integrate AI tools to support a growth strategy that aligns with overall business objectives. 


By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.


Eliezer Yudkowsky


Leading by example
and demonstrated expertise

To leverage the benefits of AI, organizations need to understand — and minimize — the depth and scope of the adverse risks they pose. 

Richard Barber, CEO of Mind Tech Group, is an AI Governance and Growth Strategy Consultant, C-Suite Leader and Board Director with more than 25 years of leading companies in international marketplaces. He is also the only AI consultant in Canada with the combined GPC.D and ICD.D designations, and Diligent AI certification.

Richard’s science and business management background provides unique insight into the development and implementation of growth strategies while effectively managing risks. An analytical strategist, transformational leader and collaborative change agent, Richard has a track record of guiding clients to innovate and thrive in demanding environments. Richard’s Board Governance and AI credentials include:

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With Mind Tech Group leading AI governance, your organization can identify business efficiencies, inspire trust with stakeholders and enhance your competitive advantages.


Board Director

Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC) 


Board Director and Chair of Nominating and Governance, HR Committee 

Canadian Professional Sales Association


Instructor/speaker for AI Ethics & Board Oversight Certification

Ensuring your AI is accountable, compliant and ethical

The discussion on AI governance, oversight, risk management, training and recruitment is just beginning. Find out how Mind Tech Group can help your organization responsibly harness the power of AI.

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